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When it comes to our customers, a rainbow is never good enough unless is a double rainbow. What does this mean for our business. It means that Ro Scientific is committed to offer our customers the best quality solutions the money can buy.

We pursue this mission by offering:
Reliable PC-based data acquisition hardware and software. Solutions that serve the needs of every DAQ user. Real-time data acquisition and analysis. Fast and accurate control. Diligent technical support to assist our customers in every step of integrating and using our solutions.


We are not just another company that engineers things. We simply strive to engineer things to their very best. And this is our promise. If your company is in search for a quality critical solution, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will always be happy to work together with you.

Sandrino Marinescu, CEO
Ro Scientific

Ro Scientific provides everything to serve the needs of DAQ users, including customs and ready to go solutions.
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